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A. To be extremely intoxicated with alcohol.
"Bro, I'm so lubed right now."
"I was so lubed at that party last night."
by youdonotneedtoknowme February 23, 2009
To be hit with lubrication from a male that is in the act of masturbation. Usually lotion, sometimes spit.

by Brad5o5 February 01, 2009
Lube is usually used for anal sex, so when somebody gets dissed or screwed over badly, Its kinda like they got butt fucked.
When someone screws your friend over, you tell your friend, "Damn son, you got lubed!"
by Zaam May 09, 2008
to be loved trmendously by everyone
_________ is lubed tremendously by everyone
by gk June 12, 2004
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