1. Liquid oxygen, especially when used as a rocket fuel oxidizer.

2. Smoked salmon.

3. A word passed down from LOL to LOLZ to LOLX and finally became LOX.
1. I need more lox for the bomb.
2. Michael Jackson eats LOX!
by ScootyPuff Jr April 15, 2005
Top Definition
Lox short for 'Locks'/ 'Locked' is a term used in England to describe being grounded or not allowed out.
"I cant come out to night because i'm on lox"
by minarani December 22, 2006
Lox short-term for 'Locks'/ 'Locked'. its to describe being grounded or not allowed out.

LOX is also the name of an american rap group, Jadakiss, Styles p and Sheek Louch, which stands for Living Off eXperience.

synonyms: grounded locked held kept in enclosed.
yo the LOX are the greatest rappers alive.
by tundo January 17, 2011
short for loxahatchee florida 33470 56ace
where are you from?
im from the lox
by king of lox July 07, 2009
derrived from "lock" or "locked," used to refer to something guaranteed -- something that "locks out" the competition. Most likely coined in the MUD, Medievia.
damn, that strategy is lox -- we can't lose.
by TechnoZombie September 05, 2003
Shorter version of the word 'bollocks', used to mean lies or something that is a load of nonsense.
'He was talkin lox all day'
by lil b April 16, 2005

girl who works her little tail off and dreams of being with her true love


lover of carlo
"LOX loveeess Carlo"
by ALICIA July 14, 2004
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