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When you can't decide whether to love something or like something...so you do both.
She Loviked her boyfriend.
by Brooke Martin May 09, 2008
A feeling for another person encompassing not only the passionate, all-encompassing, overwhelming feeling of love, but also the feeling of being best friends with that person.
J: I know I've said I'm in love with you, but it's much more. I just love hanging out with you, and I feel like you're my best friend.

J: I feel the same way. I lovike you.
by RD VLVT July 11, 2011
The feeling or emotion between love and like.
When you've been with someone for a while, and you don't enjoy dropping the L-bomb after a month, it is fully acceptable to declare the feeling of lovike.

Girl: Man, I think I'm in lovike with you.
Boy: What's that?
Girl: It's what I call the feeling between liking and loving you.
Boy: Then, I'm in lovike with you too.
by SLKGNS December 03, 2009