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When consuming a popsicle becomes overly sexual.
Dave: “It seems like Terry is really enjoying that popsicle.”
Jason: “The way he’s attacking it, it’s now become a lovesicle.”

Dave: "Is Shelly performing felatio on that popsicle?"
Jason: "It sure looks like it. She doesn’t seem to have any trouble with the bigger lovesicles."
#lovesicle #popsicle #bj #blowjob #head #felatio
by ITCrowd June 23, 2009
The one and only man you would preform oral sex with.
Boy: Wanna slob on my stick?
Girl: I save that for my lovesicle.
#love #blowjobs #oral #boyfriend #popsicle
by iznik420 February 23, 2014
In life, when a certain boy named Jon loves a certain girl named Lauren
Jon: This is lovely
Lauren: lol you love it because LOVESICLE!
Jon: Yes I do love lauren
#love #jon #lauren #lover #happy
by Mangster6302 May 03, 2008
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