String of large ornate pearls usually used for anal entertainment. Can be used privately in a meeting or in public with friends to avoid boredom.
What are these maltesers doing on a string? No that's Dave's Lovebeads.
#luv beeds #love eggs on string #lurvebubbles #tow rope with knots #pooinvaders
by Garry B April 27, 2006
Top Definition
Beads worn by a man or woman to show that they are commited to a life of love and not war and killing.
Those love beads are cool.
#neohippie #rainbow people #love #drugs #esctasy.
by Deep blue 2012 March 15, 2010
A bead implanted in your dick skin or labia.
hey mom i got love beads in my vag !
#bead #love #piercing #dick #labia
by frickyfrickfresh September 02, 2009
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