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Stands for live on the edge. Used by people who don't like YOLO.
Going cliff diving today! LOTE!
by chickencreation September 14, 2012
A combination of love + hate. It is an adjective used to describe a situation, relationship, person, or object that has its frequent highs and frequent lows.
#1. Jenny has a lote relationship with French IV.

#2. The couple's lote relatinship eventually got the best of them.
by reditalia593 March 15, 2010
Thick frame sunglasses that first become popular in the 90's. Lotes are usually expensive with designer brands like Gucci, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. Although today they seem to be preferred by women, celebrities such as Notorious B.I.G. made them popular. They are especially popular with southern rappers such as Bun B, Lil Flip, Slim Thug and T.I.
Dro smoke, getting high wit my folks
Red eyes, i'm a hide behind gucci shades lotes
- Slim Thug
by sav April 18, 2006
Abbreviation for Live On The Edge. Used when you want to party mad hard, or 'rage'. Although LOTE is an abbreviation, it is used as a noun.

Could also mean Language Other Than English, but that's for pu$$iez..
The LOTE symbol is the shape of an "L" with your fingers, resembeling a "LOSER" or pretend handgun.
I don't know where we came up with it.... just LOTE.
Origionated in Long Beach, NY.
by doooootlb July 02, 2010

life/live on the edge
the act of being absolutely reckless and ridiculous but not giving a fuck.
nat- "you know you flashed the entire frat last night?"
olivia- "i did? whatever. LOTE."
by livbags_gnat February 26, 2012
Live On The Edge
1. *two friends climbing a mountain*
Friend 1: dude, I'm so happy you got me to climb this mountain with you, you're so cool

Friend 2: you know how I LOTE

2. Friend 1: I don't want to climb this mountain...
Friend 2: come on man. LOTE
by jumpinggrasshopper June 02, 2014
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