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n. Term used to describe a bedside storage container for forgotten items left behind by others.
Gary, do you have a hair tie?" she asked. "Maybe, let's check the lost and found for something Judy might have left, babe."
by N73_BlugrasS February 03, 2011
Where one losses their mind and finds freedom.
Stoner1: Wow check out that guy tripping balls. Hes Lost and Found.
Stoner2: Haha yeah, Looks like hes lost his mind!
Stoner1: But hes found freedom man, thats what lifes all about.
by Simpl1 March 25, 2011
Lost and Found is a Christian rock band. Michael Bridges and George Baum are the two members. Michael plays guitar and George plays piano/keyboard. They can be visited at www.speedwood.com.
Some songs by Lost and Found are: Baby, Lions, and Be Not Afraid.
by Christian Rock July 11, 2006