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An a group containing the 5 coolest boys you'll ever know from Cardinal Ambrozic CSS. Loso is a lifestyle that anybody can have but choose not to. The correct abbreviation for LOSO would be "Living On Swag Overload". Loso Direction originates from the group One Direction however The Loso direction is the direction of all directions as it is has the potential to be the International Direction of swag. Loso direction has an extensive vocabulary of words and phrases they over use such as ; Awko Taco, Awksito Burito, Awksimous Prime, Awksitis .....-itis, Come true, BLESSED, Le swag Tigre, Loso, I'm gunna crunch you, and much more.
Guy: Have you seen Loso Direction video on youtube?
Girl: The what makes you beautiful in Paris video? Of course! Who hasn't. Those five guys are amazing.
by Blessedswagtigre April 26, 2012

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