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A.K.A. Fabolous, the hottest rapper alive!
Hey Its Loso Incase U Aint Kno So Ay Dream
Let Me Tell U About Shorty

Shorty Is The Shh Shh Shh Suga Honey
Ice-T Prettiest one I See Lil Mama
Icy They Say She A Peice
I Heard They are Fisty
U Kno How To
Treat Her She'll Be Sweeter Den A Hi-C

From :The Dream ft Fabolous Shawty Is A 10! (Remix)
by Hazel Jackson October 26, 2007
A person who is down to turn up. This person is a crazy individual who brings life to the party. Everyone wants to be one.
A Loso just got here and the party is going crazy.
by King Ant December 26, 2013
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