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An oasis of social ineptitude located in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Has more PhD's per capita than anywhere else, and a self satisfied and pretentious attitude. The majority of the population wears socks with sandals and is either vastly over payed, or not payed enough. Incredibly dull, unless nuclear fission gets you hard.
"Hey, want to have fun? Thats too bad, because we're in Los Alamos"
by Imperator07 March 01, 2009
Site of the Manhatten Project. A small town located in a New Mexico forest where rich, socially awkward scientists who go to work wearing sandals in combination with long socks plot to blow up North Korea and start a nuclear war. (But they deny this when you ask them about it)

Checkpoints are located along the roads leading into Los Alamos, and the guards are always very cheerful people who will agree to have their pictures taken if you ask nicely.
Los Alamos High School Girl: Last night at 12 a black van came up to my house and my parents drove off in it without telling me where they were going!
Friend: So what? Happens to me all the time, because i have an internship at the Lab. Want to race to see who can solve their Rubik's Cube faster? I just learned a new algorithm for it and I bet it works faster than yours!
by fruit not vegetable August 06, 2011
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