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A woman that is beautiful, fierce, loyal, big hearted and kind. She may also have a short temper, if you are important to her she will forgive quickly. Mess with her kids and you are putting your life at risk. She answers your LONG ass texts with one answer, sometimes doesn't answer them at all. She wants what she wants and doesn't always care what anyone around her wants, but most days she puts her family first.
Did you see how beautiful Lorianne looked while Karate chopping that Bully?
by Iknow:) February 02, 2015
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A simple fire creature who dwells in hot places, i.e. campfires, cool barbecues, and schools that catch fire. These creature are scorpion-like and have red hair. You can sedate them with show tunes.
Jon got a severe bite from a lorianne.
by Kristin Catrone June 25, 2008
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