Black-haired Goddess
Oh-My-God! Look at her butt! She is such a Lorelei!
by Tegan June 04, 2003
Top Definition
Pronunciation1: LORE-RAH-LIE
A mystical water and land creature, much like a siren who sits on a rock in the Rhine river in Germany and lures sailors to their death with her song. She sings, they steer their boats to her unaware of the sharp rocks underwater, they crash and perish.
"I'm afraid she might be like Lorelei, beautiful but deadly."
by Lorelei van Peborgh May 24, 2008
Pronunciation: LORE-RAH-LAY
A medium-small Hawaiian flower that can grow to be a small bush. Petals can be white, pink or purple with a darker (sometimes red) line in the middle of each petal.
Lorelei flowers are very often used in making leis.
by Lorelei van Peborgh May 24, 2008
A beautiful smart, loud funny and caring individual. She loves to fly kites and attend class. On her spare time she makes lots of new friends and works for charities. She loves long walks on the beach hunky men. She is DTF everyday and works well with others. She is very compatible with people named chelsey.

The name Lorelei Originated from Germany.
Wow, here comes Lorelei RUUUUNN!
by LOSHMO October 05, 2010
Lorelei, (also know as Prima) is a very beautiful Pokemon Elite Four trainer who made her cartoon premiere in the Pokemon Orange Islands episode "The Mandarin Island Miss Match". She's a calm, soft, and intelligent character, though, some Pokemon fans often wrongly mock her for her large chest.
She is also found in such games as: Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, Puzzle League, and Pokemon Stadium1 just to name a few.
by Porygon2 January 05, 2004
Silllllllly Ginger.
Lorelei told all the black boys that she is DTF.
by Welovelorelei December 13, 2010
a very hot elite 4 trainer from pokemon wit huge boobs and she acts like a hippy from the 1960's. and misty is jealous of her boobs. and a milf almost.
damn lorelei can I fuck you?
by Patrick Dron November 30, 2003
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