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In Norse mythology, Loki is a god. Lopt is one of the names he is known by.
In the poem Fjölsvinnsmál, a stanza mentions Loki (as Lopt) in association with runes.
by lopt_unbound September 09, 2011
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(noun): someone who gets jealous over stupid shit and drives like a dumbass.
God, Lindsey is such a lopt, someone should just smack her.
by steck and steen February 15, 2009
LOPT, life of the party.
wow, the guy was LOPT last night. He probaly got banged.
by docj707 June 02, 2010
An acronymn for Lack Of Pelvic Thrust. For the sexually frustrated.
Oi Sara hows the LOPT going? I heard it was chronic these days.
by Tidy Mctiderson January 29, 2009

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