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A word Conned by Logicx in a world of warcraft server.

The meaning could be anything for example, Like the word fuck
"I just got looged."
"Looge me good bro."
"It's Looge!"
#fuck #bitch #any word #funny #personal
by Its Looge March 27, 2015
Looge (lou-jey) A very intamate way of making love with your partner(s) while under the influence of drugs and alcohol
Boy 1: Man, last night my parents caught me in the middle of looge!
Boy 2: OH MAN! How bad was it? We're you in trouble?
Boy 1: The looge? I dont know i don't remember it. And yea i got it good this morning.
#looge #sex #sexual #intercourse #boy #girl #alcohol #drugs #influence
by Olga and Grace February 18, 2010
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