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A determined, magical, brave and super-sexy example of the species 'Realus Ladyus'- sometimes known as a Lady-Onyourarm and a Whoreinbedicus (a combined reference to the very rare lineage of this line).
Legend tells us that, once met, this individual takes at least 15 years to mature fully, and then should be married, with all due haste, in order to properly release magical properties.
Guaranteed to blow your mind, this fey creature is dangerous; having the fatal ability to suck the chrome off-of a trailer hitch.

Approach with CAUTION and EXTREME PREJUDICE, unless equipped with the balls of a brass monkey.
"Oh my GHOD...did u see that man's HEAD cave in?"
----"Yeah! It looked like Looby-lou herself had blown him!"

"Oh NO! I've made a man-mess in my pants!!"
----"Yup! Looby-Lou has the same effect on me!!!"
by mindtheorangesmarlon February 06, 2010
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