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You have an arduous journey ahead of you. To be in the process of a long bop is almost unheard of being that it refers to such a strenuous journey. Primarily used by chavs and other people also of a crap nature who are too lazy to move.
'u wanna go down the road?'
'but its such a long bop'
#lengthy_walk #arduous_journey #extensive_trek #prolonged_walk #far_distance
by daniel a.k.a benjamin October 04, 2005
A distance that is considerd to be long or too far to " bop " Note: Bear in mind bopping is much less efficient than walking a "long bop" could be a relitively short walk (if you are prepared to look like a fool and walk like a normal person)
Q"do you want to go to catford center?"
A"nah man thats LONG BOP"
#bop #breeze #walk #crawl #ali g limp #limp
by Richard W September 29, 2005
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