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A boner or erection that occurs in one's home, or in any other place alone. This includes when they are looking at porn or reading/thinking about something erotic. A Loner Boner can also occur when somebody unattractive is around, such as a parent. However, if you are with a girl (or boy, depending on your gender preference) and you get a boner, this is not considered a Loner Boner.
Jeff: Dude, I just got a total Loner Boner last night.
Mike: What did you do?
Jeff: What every civilized man would do! Took advantage of it!
#boner #erection #alone #loner #sad #pathetic #no life #masterbate
by Draginack August 04, 2008
When a person who has few or no friends and keeps to themselves masturbates.
It seems like all Jeff does anymore is hole up in his room and work out his loner boner.
#loner #boner #masturbation #erection #pathetic
by Verbal Platinum Princess April 25, 2009
When she's "not in the mood".
Man, we were fuckin' all alone at my house.. Lights out.. Under a blanket.. And then I find out I've got a loner boner.
#boner #loner #hard up #where's a fat chick when i need one #time to masturbate
by AviatorsMan August 13, 2008
anyone who gets a boner when alone or in a group of guys.
Ryan Nagel is a total loner boner
#boner #loner #dick #cock #penis
by michael and andrew November 05, 2010
An erection that occurs when standing on your own. These are entirely random.
The horse standing alone in the middle of the field had a giant loner-boner.
#boner #loner #alone #erection #lol
by i get bored sometimes. October 02, 2009
When you think something or someone is hot so you get a boner, but nobody else has a boner or thinks it is hot.
Bill: ah, that's hot, you got a boner too?
Bob: hell no that's gross!
Everybody: (simultaneously) Loner Boner!
#loner #penis #boner #masturbation #ejaculate
by Poonsquasher2.0 December 28, 2011
To have a boner but no one around to see it.
I had such a loner boner the other day.
#loner #boner #penis #forever alone #lonely weiner
by Bold_country April 08, 2014
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