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A legendary gamer, mainly from COD 2, COD 1, bf vietnam and guild wars. Lone Soldier is known world wide for being exceptionally good at online pc games and expresses his very high skilled gaming by owning everybody that has ever come across him.
"omg its lone soldier, i quit, we got no chance"

"hi lone, u rock, i want to be you"

"lone, nobody is as high skilled as you, do u hax?"
by aaron87 January 07, 2007
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A single grafitti artist working alone without the aid of others. Could have once been part of a unit but has left to make his own 'mark' on society.
The 'tags' left by a lone soldier are signified by a small 'L.S' beside their work.
An example of a lone soldier or 'L.S' is the infamous british tagger known as 'Banksy'. He has tagged up many of the world's major cities such as New York, Paris, 'London' and L.A.
by Alex Aspinall February 14, 2006

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