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Deriving from the common chat abbreviation 'Lol', this extended version can be typed or said in life to mean a more emphasised 'Laughing Out Loud'. This word originates from the members of the CN corporation, and is used widely between the 9 of them.
Hell yeh! That time was Loltastic!
by Adrian 'Adie' Davison February 20, 2006
Something that's hilarious.
"Did you see that video with the dancing kid in it?!"

"No :("

"It's LOLtastic!"
by EmmDubbleYew February 06, 2009
state of laughing out loud about something which could/ did contain humor/fun.
"Remember when we built a snowman out of snow?"
"Yea that was loltastic."
by MiddleBroRich November 16, 2009
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