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n. According to vinnie, a well known mathematician, lollerberries describes the infinitesimally small distance between our galaxy and the theoretical rift in the space-time continuum that would spell our impending doom.

v. A very small distance between two points that is measured as the width of one half of an atom.
Man, we're only lollerberries away from Jamaica and lots of weed!

The Lollerberries theory was enough to rocket Vinnie to stardom within the scientific community.
by Jim November 18, 2003
An expression of humour, often wry in nature. Used in a similar context to 'lol' yet is somewhat more stylish.
Idiot: "your a retard"
Reply: "Lollerberries... nice work, try you're next time"
by vinnie November 10, 2003
Synonym of "lol". Note that "loller" is a prefix, and "berries" a suffix. Thus, many other combinations exist that have the same effect; lollerkeekles, waffleberries, etc.

Thought to have originated at
"George Bush is president!? Lollerberries.... On second thought, that's not funny! Oh snap!"
by ieyeasu January 16, 2004
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