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A term often used in software development, when the technical team are trying to troubleshoot a customer problem. This term usually suggests that the technical team is constantly asking the customer for log files.
Manager: Did you manage to troubleshoot the issues that Technico had?
Neils: Not yet, I've taken them for a ride on the log flume until I can figure it out
by neilsonz January 20, 2009
The process of pooping on a girl's back, more towards the shoulder blades, and then pissing it down towards her ass. Resembles a log flume ride.
Keith: Yo, i just log flumed this girl last night.

Dan: o yeah, howd it go?

Keith: She loves that shit.
by Shotty December 04, 2007
To have a bowel movement in a bathtub.
Great day - parade, festival, funnel cakes, shopping.... and then the baby log flumed in the tub...and one of her sisters was in there too!
by Matt Lispen October 16, 2010
Similar to an upper decker, however the turd is taken in the upper tank of a gravity fed toilet (those which the tank is suspended 6ft up). When flushed the turd is sent flying down the pipe fed by gravity and makes a large splash similar to that of a log flume ride.
"Woah! Man I've just been log flumed!!"
by Josh Bird September 09, 2006
The log flume is when you take a dump on someone's chest, and urinate on the chest shortly after. As you urinate the excrement will slide down the chest and stomach the same way a log would.
Ashley was an extremely kinky girl. Everytime I saw her she wanted me to give her the "Log Flume"
by CFP February 22, 2006
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