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Being able to stick both your cock and balls into the vagina.
"i locker-boxed" that puck bunny last night
by wyse May 20, 2008
17 7

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to fight someone with a hockey helmet and gloves
person 1:Did u see tim locker box T?
person 2:Yea tim got his ass beat
person 1: Damn T's a blonde beast
by Jewsus (thanks zach) January 31, 2008
13 5
the act of two or more people fighting in a locker room each with a pair of hockey/lacrosse gloves and a lacrosse/hockey helmet.
Yo, i just heard that billy and bob locker boxed in the locker ailes. Apperantly, Billy won in the 3rd round
by teen persian May 03, 2009
5 1