Lochie is a extremely nice person. He is very sweet and supportive. He is a very good kisser and knows how to make a girl blush. He is a extremely good story teller and very imaginative. Not to metion how fucking hot he is. He can probably get anygirl girl he wants. And he has a fucking sexy body and a sexy voice.
Who is that?
That's lochie he is totally fucking sexy.
by SamMi4747 July 13, 2011
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Top Definition
A person containing extreme amounts of f00lishness...
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
he owns lmhosting.co.uk and he sucks his dog's penis. Sick my fucker, go shag u fat mother
by bob October 16, 2003
A guy with an AWESOME name and Is amazing at everything ever everywhere!
Person 1: What cool name should I give to my child?

Person 2: *Puts on sunglasses like david caruso from csi* Lochie *YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH*
by Cweepy September 25, 2011
a powerhouse of partyin, somebody that knows what comes before part b, to injest a huge amount of illegal product.
I partied like a lochie
by Annie April 07, 2005

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