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all the evil in the world combined into one being which brings people to tears just by talking to them on AIM
LoboParamilitary(8:00:47 PM): fuck your a loser penis

Jon Penis (8:01:34 PM): i no waaaaaaaa! Juji!!! LMAOROLFLOLOLOL!!!!!!!! im gay!
by Hakko February 09, 2004

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An evil entity said to have been sent to plague the earth by Satan himself. Lobo brings nothing but misery and chaos to AIM goers everywhere.
LoboParamilitary: I'm glad your best friend died
TheWakeboardDude: thats pushing it
LoboParamilitary: too bad
LoboParamilitary: ha ha
LoboParamilitary: I hope he cries himself to sleep tonight
by MSL TEH GOD~ February 10, 2004
A cunt. A very pointless phrase that takes longer to say than they thing you want to say instead. Also, if talking about someone CALLED LoboParamilitary, can cause confusion as in the example below.
LoboParamilitary, eh? what a cunt.
by Sexy Barrow Boy November 28, 2006