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An endearing name for an absolute one of a kind grandma-type person, who is not like any grandma ever made. She is young at heart, energetic, funny, kind, loving, giving, sharing. There is always something yummy cooking in Juji's kitchen, and always fun, challenging games in the house to keep the grandkids entertained. She is so influential to those around her that people soon come to realize that they can't live without her near-by, and don't know how they ever did.
My Juji is so awesome, she makes french onion soup and plays games with me when I am sick.
by ellenick February 08, 2010
A dumb and/or perverted thing said in third person.
Guy 1 says- "insert name here invites insert name here over to his house to watch some porn with him."

Girl 1 says- "Ew! No! Go away perv!

Guy 2 says- "Dude, you just pulled a Juji."
by EmoXPreppy luv September 02, 2008
meaning a joint; marajuana cigerrete
would u like to partake in schmoking a juji
by Arian April 21, 2005

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