Verb: To Loaf-- Colloquial form of language expressing the observation of someone else’s or one’s own flatulence and or incontinence. The release of gaseous fecal odors.

Noun: Loaf-- Gaseous Fecal Odor

Adjective: Loafy-- Smelling like gaseous fecal odor

Position of entitlement: Dr. Loafenstein, The Loafman
1. My Mom loafed in the kitchen and I lost my appetite.
2. Oh shit!! Jack loafed on my dinner.
3. Oh No… August loafed on his date.
4. Wow, I ate all that spaghetti and have been baking loaf all night.
5. It smelt terrible, she loafed in the shower!!!!

1. Aww sick, did you smell that loaf?
2. Who’s making hot loaf?
3. Hey honey are you making hot loaf again?

1. She smelt really loafy after all of that hibachi.
2. I was feeling very loafy so I had to sleep in the bathroom.

Position of entitlement:
1. Damn Dr. Loafenstein, what did you eat?
2. They call me the Loafman.
3. Some call me the Loafman Jr.
4. Loafin like my Daddy.
by Kerm The Frog January 12, 2010
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when a fat cat sits laying on it's stomach with it's paws tucked under them-they look like a loaf of bread

a lazy person who sits around all day on their couch
i.e Lady cat you're loafing!

i.e What are you doing today?

Ehh I think I'm just gonna loaf today in the apartment
by Loaferdoodle June 05, 2009
A turd.(Esp. an elongated turd with a tapered end)
Excuse me please, I have to go pinch a loaf.
by harry flashman July 14, 2003
Short for "Loaf of Bread", which is Cockney rhyming slang for "Head".
Loaf of bread? Head..See?
"Use your loaf!" Translates as: Think about it!" "Use your head!" "Don't be stupid!"
by Agent Smith May 24, 2003
Someone who knowingly takes too long to do something.
"Wow Rob, hurry up you loaf"
by Clearly Me September 24, 2009
This is another word for chill, or relax. The most awesome fucking synonym for those words you will ever hear. It will make you wanna LOAF.
Person 1- Sup dude, you never texted me back the other day.

Person 2- Sorry man, I was too busy loafin!
by Punglejizzcakes August 28, 2009
Ghetto way of saying "failing/failure" or "being lazy" for no specific reason
Person 2-Sorry, I was sitting at home all day.
by Dark3n_angel October 19, 2009
Large Overly-Aggressive Female.

Women who tend to be on the hefty side who intimidate those around them. Usually when they are a tad intoxicated and trying to make sexual advances. Can also be used in the context of scary, large women seen in everyday life.
Dude, do you see that girl over there? What a loaf!

I was just cornered by a loaf. I think I'm traumatized.
by thisisadumbpseudonym December 14, 2012

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