hair-do, particularly that of a guy whose hair is not short yet doesn't budge.
(to a friend, before approaching a girl): Yo, how's my loaf?

ex. Vanilla Ice, Jimmy Johnson, Ace Ventura
by anon March 27, 2005
Large amounts of money in your pocket/wallet.
Graham: Aye, you got any spare change?

Nick: Sorry, I only got loafs.
by notagiraffe December 13, 2014
When someone is acting foolish or says something foolish you say "stop being a loaf"
Randall stop being such a loaf.
by east&southwest September 07, 2014
when an individual is acting ratchet/annoying, specifically in New Rochelle NY
Stop being such a loaf and get to class!
by hoodplace March 04, 2014
To fucking shred, as in snowboard
I went to aspen today with jim and loafed so hard.
Loaf sesh all day every day.
Johnny loves to loaf.
by loafthecity February 16, 2011
1.The act of precisely placing an object in the desired target area.
2.The use of manly finesse to throw a pass directly into the receiver's hands.
1.Did you see Kurt Warner loaf that pass in for the win last night?
2.Hey bro, loaf me that Natty Ice.
by OriginalLoafmaster August 07, 2010
A useless, overweight person.
Billy's ex-girlfriend, herself a loaf, married another loaf.
by enzio March 08, 2005
A woman's vagina and clitoris, can be changed to:
crusty loaf: a dry vagina,
White loaf: A white woman's vagina,
wholemeal loaf: A black woman's vagina
I munched on that loaf
by 7-aint-so-cool August 25, 2011
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