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a girl who appears sweet, nice, and shy but when you get to know her she might get naughty or bad
she's the type of person who can give you anything
cares about what other people feels but if she dislikes you then you probably dont want to be around her.
person: wow she's so pretty and nice
guy: yeah she is but she's also real naughty
person: really? :) so she's a liyah
by janeti200 October 28, 2009
WOW! this chick. she be fly. Shes white but think she black. She is one crazy bitch! everyone either loves or hates her. but nomatter wha she is always there for her true friends. But she is also a compulsive liar and can be the fakest person u know. so just be aware.
liyah so flly
by ur fantasy! December 31, 2011
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