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To livicate (verb)

1. To set apart for divine or spiritual purposes and uses.
2. To vivaciously commit (oneself) to a particular course of thought or movement.

In Rastafarian dialect, "to livicate" is substituted for "to dedicate", as to rid itself of a connotation of dead or death.
"This one (tune) is livicated to all those who thought they would never need a friend. Until their standing right there, alone, by themselves at the end." ~Soldiers of Jah Army

by beeksc1 September 12, 2008
A living dedication
A livication to God, to Country and to Yale.
by Anatoly December 14, 2003
1. To focus one’s thought or actions on life and living.

2. Complete and wholehearted devotion to life, career, ideal, etc.

3. A Rastafarian vocabulary term meaning “to bring to life.”
I livicate myself to the uplift of the human race.
by mhotep April 01, 2010