The worst possible pizza you can eat, it's dry, it's tasteless, it's CRAP
Save your money, and go to a real pizza restaurant like Pizza Hut, or any independent pizza restaurant you know
by Saints September 21, 2003
Top Definition
Little caesar's is a discount pizza chain that embraces environmentalism by using recycled car tires as an eco friendly alternative to pizza crust
Little caesars is the, dollar tree of pizza chains
by v8thunderbird February 06, 2015
Best Cheese/Pepperoni Pizza Available Nationwide. Usually about 5-8$ Depending on area; Fast Pizza; Cheap Pizza
Dude, lets hit up Little Caesars, they have large pepperoni pizza's for like 7$!!
by Tony Krieg June 12, 2008
Fast Food Mexican Pizza Franchise. Bite, bite, sip, sip, it's the deep dish combo mambo. It's what for lunch.
What does a Mexican use to cut pizza with...
Little Caesar's.
by Dagodfada88 December 21, 2014
Pompous busybody who stands up during meetings to publicly embarrass themselves by giving passionate but utterly false and/or idiotic speeches. They're also very bossy and always have opinions about subjects they know nothing about.
Clem: Elaine turned into Little Caesar this morning and started ranting about the change in the dress code policy, so the others all started throwing half-eaten bagels at her.
by Krakky McKraken November 12, 2006
Gay sex, usually during in the middle of history class.
"Hey Cole, wanna go to Little Caesars?"
"No, ask noah."
"Noah, wanna go to Little Caesars?"
"Sure i go there all the time"
**Winks at cole**
by WantingMoped September 22, 2009
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