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A pretentious cunt
That liore had the nerve to charge for a plumpkin.
by Heeb_N_Stein August 27, 2003
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The act of leaving a melted brownie in your pants.
Last night i drank 5 gallons of ex-lax and liored my pants before i could get to the shitter.
by Cankles August 26, 2003
An agonizing or persitant annoyance that drives oneself crazy.
Man, that wart on my taint is so lioring.

That stalker calls all day and night. What a complete liore.
by Pull-the-String August 24, 2003
1. An Old English expression used during medieval combat, whereas one combatant is struck so hard he empties his bowels inside his armor and therefore, splatters his opponent and the surrounding area.

2. To completely cover in shit.
1. Thou shall perish and liore by thy smite to thy head.

2. This chick was taking it so hard in the ass that she liored all over the room.
by Clitler August 27, 2003
a pain in the ass.
Walking around with this 60 pound dildo in my ass is a real liore.
by crotchtangle August 25, 2003

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