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A lovely fucker.
Sensitive but perverted.
Sexy and still smart.
Hes all what women need in bed, and out of it.
Some of them might be stalkers, pedos or rapers, but it is all because the society these days.
Woman 1. Oh my gosh look at him hes so handsome!
Woman 2. Yeah he looks so.... Lior!
Woman 1. Hell yeah!
Really wonderful girl who is unique and special in every way
Guy1: Hey who's that girl over there?
Guy2: Oh that's Lior.
Guy1: damn!!! She's fine!
by tacotacoguy August 15, 2013
Rich motha fucker from L Town. Who the fuck owns a Bentley at 16? This kid has everything.
Dave: Fuck man, I wish I could go pay my bills.
Steve: Man, go ask that Lior kid..
by Jake194405 May 25, 2009
Lior is a common name presented to a female child of a Jew.

A Lior is usualy sporting clothing such as a 'Rolling Stones' Tee shirt purchased from H&M. A Lior would buy this shirt just because her favorite 'Hills' star was seen sporting it.

Liors often dont know how to maintain a friendship, their obsession with becoming the schools/towns most prized fashionesta can get in the way of the relationship. A Lior would watch Jersey shore, and love it because she can relate to the woman such a 'J-WOW'- not because she found if addicting due to the ridicule and embaressment of the members in the show.
Lior's are hard to find (thank god)

But if you hear the name Lior, be sure to keep your distance!
Kade: "Dude look at that thing wearing a Rolling stones shirt, Its true disrespect for something like her to have that over her barely visable chest"

Beth: "It has to be Lior. Remember, we need to keep our distance, dont want to get ourselvs involved with a jewish guido"
by OpenMeUpLikeChristmas September 09, 2010
Man with large cock, magic fingers, and knows how to use his tongue. Women usually can't resist him in bed.
That Lior gave me the best orgy ever
by Unknowng November 30, 2008
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