Any administrator of the online game Second Life noted for excessive greed, stupidity, or mistreatment of players. Otherwise known as Lindens.
Jack Linden is a greedy lintard.
by Zauber Paracelsus December 06, 2008
Top Definition
Rabid Linux/FOSS devotees who write posts on various tech sites trolling about how Linux and/or FOSS as being the best thing since sliced bread - usually in response to an article discussing other operating systems (Windows or OSX) and come off as being clueless nitwits.
The lintard posted that MySQL was better than MS SQL.
by Wolfie2k8 April 02, 2010
Lame wintard comeback.
Used by windoze trolls in linux groups because they lack the creativity to come up with something original. (Much like their masters).

> 8-bit packets? You need to brush up on 791 and 793.

Packets constructed from 8 bit bytes. Not packets that are 8 bits long.
by owl@rooftop.invalid November 14, 2007
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