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A condition caused by shagging a skinny or anorexic woman.

If a woman is very skinny and /or has no ass, she can cause 'lint balls' by causing a man to drag his testicles across the bed sheet while he copulates with her, thus picking up lint.

Used to describe a slender or thin woman, or one with no curves.

A chick with no ass.
Roberto asked Fred, "Hey man, would you bang Jenny?"
"No way," Fred replied, "She's too scrawny, I might get lint balls. I need a girl with some booty!"
by oatmeal769 December 12, 2007
What you sometimes find whenever a girl doesn't properly clean her genital area. Like whenever her boyfriend is going down on her, he might find a lint ball; GROSS.
DJ: I was eating her out, &nd she had a huge lint ball in her pubes...
by iWiener April 22, 2011
A person or account that uses spammy methods to accumulate a large number of followers on a social media site. This practice is common on Twitter where a user will friend thousands of strangers with the hope that a percentage will follow back. Many of the follow-backs come from those also hoping to accumulate followers, thus like attracts like and grows similar to how lint is used to remove lint from a dryer lint screen.
I have a thousand followers on Twitter, but about a third of them are lint balls so they don't really count.
by TiEsQue April 01, 2009
Word used to describe really annoying people from another country
I can't stand the new student from Britain, he's such a lint ball.
by TheMandarin123 January 26, 2016
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