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Linneah is the most amazingest cool person in the whole universe (& beyond!), and it's a big universe, trust me. Anyone who knows someone named Linneah feels lucky to know somebody so superfly! She makes CHUCK NORRIS cry! It really sucks any time you don't see her for a while because you've been drained of all contact to the pure awesome that is Linneah.
Random person, let's call him Daniel: It would suck to not see Linneah for a year, because that's a year without awesome, which sucks, because people need awesome and Linneah has the most awesome of anyone in the universe.
by imawesomewhoareyou July 27, 2009
One of the most awesome beautiful fabulous people you will ever meet. Actually, THE most awesome beautiful fabulous person. She's cool beans covered in awesomesauce. Her nickname is laser never to be confused with loser. And did I mention she's kinds awesome??? Oh also extremely musically talented
1- dude who's that??
2- which one?
1- the awesome one
2- awesome? Oh you have to be talking about linneah
by Tails52 August 08, 2010
An absolutely amazing girl, often found wearing large flannels and/or band tees. Has an absolutely wonderful smile that can light up any room. She can be found writing stories in coffee shops. She is an unforgettable, beautiful, amazing girl who will change your life.
Guy: "Man, that Linneah girl is HOT."
Me: "Oh yeah, she's hust a straifht up babe."
by gummibeargrl December 04, 2015
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