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A religious counterpart to the newly formed pastafareinites(pastafareinism is not to be confused with Pastafarianism, even though they both worship the flying spaghetti monster) While pastafareinites are known for their moral indifference, linguinists are pure evil. Linguinists enjoy punching babies, kicking puppies, and playing wii fit. Linguinist are completly antisocial and only come out at night to steal linguine from Jewel Osco. They later use this for sacrificial rituals to the Great Linguine God. Linguinists also bathe in alfredo sauce.
Jack: Oh my god, who the hell is that freak????
Jill: Oh no. . . he's with the Linguinist Church!!! Quick hide the alfredo!
by Gherolinkinpark May 03, 2009
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