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When you're having sex with a girl in the doggy style position and you pull out your dick and cut it off, at the same time cooking bagels in a deep fryer. You then cover the whole area in peanut butter and a dragon comes in and has a threesome with you and the girl while rolling around in the peanut butter and there is SO MUCH SEX OH YES THERES LOTS OF SEX
So me and my girlfriend had a Swedish Jesus Taco last night.

Shit was cash.
by GHeroLinkinPark April 29, 2010
The act of constantly updating your facebook status. This has become a rather annoying problem recently, especially with the invention of twitter. If you really want us to know what you are doing every five goddamn seconds get a twitter! Nobody gives a damn what you're doing anyways.
John: Luke keeps updating his facebook status every two minutes! What the hell?
Jenny: Wow that guy is totally twitbooking. What an asshole.
by Gherolinkinpark May 03, 2009
A suburban town a few minutes away from chicago. Oaklawn is fairly quiet, but on the weekends you can usually find a few partys. The most exciting part of oaklawn is definetly the mall. You can find everybody here, like that gay kid you knew in eigth grade, and a creepy guy in a trenchcoat with dyed blonde hair and multiple piercings :D Oaklawn is by no means "ghetto" but has still earned nicknames like Smokelawn and tokelawn from its... younger residents. Oaklawn has plenty of places to eat too. Some local favorites: Billy boys, panera bread, and jason's deli. Oh and oaklawn has plenty of sex offenders to keep you company :D
Bob:"Hey dude wanna go to oaklawn?"
Eric:"Nah dude that place is full of sex offenders"
by Gherolinkinpark May 03, 2009
A religious counterpart to the newly formed pastafareinites(pastafareinism is not to be confused with Pastafarianism, even though they both worship the flying spaghetti monster) While pastafareinites are known for their moral indifference, linguinists are pure evil. Linguinists enjoy punching babies, kicking puppies, and playing wii fit. Linguinist are completly antisocial and only come out at night to steal linguine from Jewel Osco. They later use this for sacrificial rituals to the Great Linguine God. Linguinists also bathe in alfredo sauce.
Jack: Oh my god, who the hell is that freak????
Jill: Oh no. . . he's with the Linguinist Church!!! Quick hide the alfredo!
by Gherolinkinpark May 03, 2009
A modern religion in which the members of the church(called pastafareinites) worship the flying spaghetti monster. Every alternate sunday they have their version of a christian Eucharist, in which they consume massive amounts of spaghetti, and blessed sauce. They do not like to be confused with linguinists who's belief in the great linguine god contradicts modern pastafareinism. Pronounced: Pasta-fairy-in-ism
Jimmy:Hey John my family is having a Christmas Party and wanted to know if you would like to come?"
John:Screw that man! I'm a pastafareinites and I don't believe in Santa.
Jimmy: Um christmas is about jesus...
John:Well the First Church of Pastafareinism doesn't support Jesus, because his body is made of bread and bread soaks up all the wonderful sauce that the flying spaghetti monster makes for us.
Jimmy:You're a freak.
by Gherolinkinpark May 03, 2009
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