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Pronunciation: Linger-"E".

Verb: to use a word incorrectly, through misspelling or mispronunciation, in a way that makes the sentence hilarious, and the speaker look foolish.

Origin Myth:
A student read the french word "Lingerie", and asked his friends out loud, "Hey guys, what's lingery?"
A: "By doing that, you've now set a president for the future"
B: "Oh man, you totally lingeried, you mean precedent"

A: "Hey guys, what's a pav-a-lon?"
B: "You mean pavilion? Lingery much?"

A: "You totally have a stye, S-Y-E"
B: "I would say you lingeried, but I'm not even sure if that describes what just happened"
by thuankieu January 20, 2011
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