The name of the taste of a gone-off pineapple. It's sour and icky, but we love it.
"Hey! Check out this ling-ling!!"
by TheSophsterxxx July 08, 2009
the asian girl in my media class who gets pissed off everytime i say 'ling ling, you forgot your bling bling'
lingling, you forgot your bling bling!
by abadou-badou August 31, 2008
In an orgy or threesome, to lick the union and environs of people having penetrative penile sex. This may be done by laying below a pair having doggy style sex, or in front of a pair in reverse cowgirl, or any other acrobatic means one might imagine. The point is that the genitals, the taint, asshole, and usually the cock and balls all get some oral attention. Not related to the bisexual panda we all love.
While John fucked Mary's ass while she bounced in his lap, their bi friend Steve was on his knees between their legs happily licking John's shaft and Mary's taint, performing a noisy, wet, lingling.
by Hauser November 05, 2007
A stupid asian man who thinks he is black or hispanic
Ex #1: Ling-ling, don't forget your bling-bling!

Ex #2: Shut up ling-ling.
by asus June 01, 2005
oral sex on a woman, a slang term for cunnilingus
"My boyfriend rocks at ling-ling; it feels like he has a motor in his tongue!!"
by Becca the Strange October 31, 2004
Person of asian origin
that ling ling f***ed up my nails
that ling ling cant drive
by my brothers sister October 14, 2007
baby talk for "penis".
My "ling ling" is burning...
by mr. buggaloo October 01, 2004

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