(1) The ex girlfriend you regret

(2) A girl who is a crazy bitch (not in a good way)

(3) A girl who has no tits or ass

(4) An ugly girl who thinks she's hot

(5) Someone who isn't very smart

(6) An airhead

(7) A girl who is a straight up slut and fucks anything with a pulse

(8) A bottle blonde


(1) To cheat on your boyfriend and get mad at him for it
Guy 1: Hey man didn't you date a lindsey
Guy 2: Yeah please never speak of that again

Guy 1: My girlfriend just cheated on me then blamed me for it
Guy 2: Oh man you just got lindseyed
by kitkatkate May 18, 2013
A stupid bitch that will cheat on you. She puts her sex life on display and will even lie to people saying she slept with you. She's two faced and will tell all your secrets. Once she thinks you're friends, you'll never get rid of her. Even if you tell her point blank you aren't friends, she'll still think you're kidding. She also has a nasty tooth that you will feel every time you makeout. It's so distracting once you notice it. Stay away from Lindsey's at all costs because you don't want to mess with her nasty ass
Ew, don't be a Lindsey
by Sarrrraaaaaaaa June 01, 2014
A Hippo. Or a decide.
Oh my god, she's such a Lindsey!! Her hips are so full of blubber and cellulite.
by The Big Fat Greek October 08, 2012
lindsey is a backstabbing bitch who will do anything for attention shes a slut and picks the wrong people to be with so over all shes a bitch from hell who is in love with a dick head
lindsey:my boyfriend doesnt do weed
lindseys boyfriend: i tell my gf i dont smoke weed but i totally do im so cool
by nobodyneedstoknow July 14, 2012
getting really really drunk, enough to throw up in the dirt and then roll in it. step above shit faced.
dude you're so lindsey right now it's not even funny
by 352681 January 14, 2012
damn, that chicks hairy, she must be a lindsey!
by xcuppycakesx November 24, 2011
loose powder cocaine or cocaine that u snuff (rail).
do this lindsey bro.
by LEE337 September 26, 2007

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