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A Linders is a tall, gorgeous, model-like woman. One is known to have shy smile, brilliant mind, and a heart overflowing with love. A Linders is classy, but isnt afraid to dance dirty and have fun with her friends. You can tell if you have found a Linders if she has big beautiful eyes, when people flock around her as if she were hiding candy. Linders has a partner named Smella, but also has plenty of other friends who love her dearly. A Linders is one in a million and if you find one, hold one tight.
Damn Linders, your looking hot!
by sweeetstufff May 29, 2011
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/noun/ A Detroit DJ who knows how to party and often rocks doubles with 12 inches of his own. a.k.a.-T. Linder. (see also: Lindered)
"Dude, did you catch Linder's set last night?"
by 313 May 27, 2003
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The americanized meal between lunch and dinner. Lunch typically 12pm to two, whereas dinner is six pm to seven, linder is ALWAYS 4 pm. Unless it goes until 5pm, or 4:30 depending the hunger pains.
Excuse me, I need to go get some linder it's almost 4:00pm.
by danimorganlizethan March 22, 2013
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The captain of Team Linder and possibly the greatest DJ in all of Detroit.
Did you see Linder rock that double set of Tom Sawyer?
by Denis Baldwin June 03, 2004
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a ravenous penis eating machine that will stop at nothing to put an erect male reproductive organ in his mouth even if it is his own.
Some Linder satisfied my grandfather last night.

I hate it when Linders try to pick me up on the way home from school.

fag penis eater crotch muncher
by the big fat crazy ud guy April 08, 2009
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Committing to the process of defication, usually used to announce the need to do or to discribe the process of defication.
"Man, i gotta go drop a linder."
"I had to drop a linder, now my pants are loose."
by Ryan March 03, 2005
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Hatred and bigotry bundled into one large package. A highly bigotted or racist person.

Linders are known to:
- Hate "gay"
- Believe that all black people carry knives
- Screw you over regarding your taxes
- Proclaim that conversations in cities are only about "drugs and gay"
- Have a disdain for working
- Promote irrational behavior in every way, shape, and form
- Be anti-alcohol and preach about the sins of drinking before heading out to the local bar
- When returning from the above-mentioned bar, complain about lesbians at the bar who she claims work at a local strip club (how she knew where they worked is a mystery... or is it?)
I wish Jerry Falwell would stop being such a Linder.
by Dwayne March 02, 2005
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