A high school south of Chicago named after a highway that is named after a president. It was originally two campuses, but has now split into Lincoln-Way Central (the Knights) and the Lincoln-Way East (the Griffins).
Which Lincoln-Way did you go to?
<I>I went to Lincoln-Way before it split. But I liked Central better. It's right next to Country Charm. Chocolate Chip pancakes, mmmmm.<I>
by Dee February 20, 2005
Top Definition
An institution that's based off of strict rules, biased supervisors, and banned words. Located in the south Chicago suburbs,you'd swear you were back in Nazi country due to the lack of reality and the abundance of censorship.
Man, when I got pulled over by that cop, I felt like I was back in Lincoln Way.
by Kelly Victory March 21, 2006
A Highschool in New Lenox Illinois
I am a Student at Lincoln Way
by Tru August 24, 2003
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