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A morbid, bitter, crazed, militant feministic bitch of a person who, at every turn, will spew hateful feministic bullshit and presume to have higher intelligence over everyone else they interact with, particually males of the species.

The presence of LilyLemonism has acervated in recent years due to the rise of women liking to believe they can think for themselves. This HAS had a negative affect on the dishes, dinner, the housework and most importantly, the sandwich.
"For Fucks Sake, all I wanted was a bloody ham sandwich and now i'm getting LilyLemon here telling me that i'm sexist. I demand you stop acting like Germaine Greer, fuck off, do the dishes and drink a nice big cup of shut the fuck up!"
#lilylemon #feminism #where the fuck is my sandwich? #housework #militant
by Mr. Sandwichman July 26, 2009
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