Lilly , girl with dark brown eyes brown with blonde strips . Very pretty and popular , but she claims different . Tons of guys like her , but she doesn't mind . Most of freinds are guys , shes a bro . Tall , enjoys to wear boy clothes and act like one . Loves mud . Tan , very tan : incredibly definitely beautiful . Hates to date , she rather have friends.
I have a crush on her
Oh thats lilly , good luck with that
She rather be freinds with you , plus shes freaking awesome
by 8907890selfie April 24, 2015
lilly is a stubbon young lady that will always hold grudges but when you are on her good side she is a caring girl.
lilly: "im not gonna stop till i have it my way!"
by scarlett xx February 21, 2015
she's the type of girl people try and avoid. she doesn't talk a lot, and most people are shocked to find out that she can. she's generally a nice person, if you take the time to get to know her, but don't piss her off. she'll fuck your shit up.

generally doesn't care about her appearance. dresses mostly in dark colors, and most people assume she's satanic based on her looks, and preferences in music.

she has a very open taste in music, listening to a variety of genres. but, mostly sticking to metal, and death-core.

she's insecure, and doesn't trust many people. so, if you're lucky enough to gain her trust, don't fuck up and lose it.
anonymous person1; shit. i think i pissed lilly off.
anonymous person2; oh, dude. that sucks, she's fucking crazy. she'll probably put a curse on you or something. you know she's into that shit.
by hgwea October 21, 2013
a very nice, caring girl who is so giving.

everyone loves her perfume and gum. She can't handle not smelling nice and she loves butter, because butter is just yummy.

and she has no haters according to everyone around her.

oh she also loves big booty bitches and pandas(;
im gonna go get some money from lilly, she'll give it to me

you smell amazing, did you get your perfume from lilly?

what a lilly!
by shelovesthatbutter December 17, 2011
Someone who is very trendy. She is caring, shy, but crazy. She's best friends with girls and guys. She's not so smart and she's all about having fun. And very lazy with no life (most of the time)
by Watermelonondraya December 22, 2012
The "girl" a guy is taking home to have sex with.

This "girl" is really his left hand, that he is going home to masturbate with. Hold up your left hand and the fingers spell out "l-i-l-l-y."

This is opposed to right-handers who use Jill.
Guy1: "Looks like I'm going home with Lilly tonight."
Guy2: "Yeah I'm going to have to fool around with Jill again."
by CJackDaniels October 22, 2009
slang for doing a poo
hey guys... just sitting here on the toilet doing a lilly
by sanitzu August 06, 2011

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