Incredibly smart and gorgeous. Goes very well with a hot-pocket. Cats love and are drawn to them. Someone who has probably the best taste in music ever!
"Who's that hot chick walking her cats while eating a hot-pocket and jamming out to some Misfits?"
"Only the coolest person ever! That's Lilly!"
#poptarts #cats #flippin' sweet #florida #hates mayo
by Urban Dic This February 03, 2010
A Lilly is someone who is shy,nice,smart, beautiful, and fun to hangout with.But she has a problem being friends with boys so she mostly hangs out with other girls. Lilly's have a big heart that will make you like them even more!! Tons of guys are secretly crushing on her, so guys open up to her cause she might like you back. She usually likes guys with blonde hair and green or blue eye. She is an expert at being unnoticed. loves the color black, purple, or green.
She is such a flower! What a Lilly!
#shy #heart #fun #loveable #smart
by Cookie Monster989 November 30, 2011
A sexy, hot female with a big hot ass and big tits.All Lilly's are known for having big boobs.
Lilly is so hot!
#tits #girl #sexy #ass #hot
by sexychick689 May 28, 2011
lilly is the prettiest nicest and funniest girl in the world. She has the name of the awesomest person in the world. She is very smart and will succeed at every thing in life. She is beautiful and fantabulous.
"oh lilly is so fly."
#fantabulous #kool #swagger #awesome #beautiful
by lilk423 October 23, 2013
A Lilly is never going to be dull, Ever
A Lilly is a tall beautiful girl with brown curly hair, and green eyes. She always fills the room with laughter even when everyone is feeling down. You will immediately become friends with a Lilly the minute you meet her. A Lilly is obsessed with guy celebrities, and tumblr guys. Lilly is one of the most caring people i know and she always has a smile on her face. Everyday she is laughing non-stop. If or when you meet a Lilly you will never want to let go.
#halarious #caring #thoughtful #full of laughter #she says deodorant weird
by hey Lilly February 06, 2014
Lilly , girl with dark brown eyes brown with blonde strips . Very pretty and popular , but she claims different . Tons of guys like her , but she doesn't mind . Most of freinds are guys , shes a bro . Tall , enjoys to wear boy clothes and act like one . Loves mud . Tan , very tan : incredibly definitely beautiful . Hates to date , she rather have friends.
I have a crush on her
Oh thats lilly , good luck with that
She rather be freinds with you , plus shes freaking awesome
#awesome #beautiful #crazy #fun #loud #smart #popular
by 8907890selfie April 24, 2015
Lilly is a shy but classy girl. She loves being by herself and sometimes with people. People may say she's a loner, but she is unique in her own way. Most are brunette and tend to like reading books and writing stories of her own. She is usually unsure of her future. A Lilly is beautiful on the inside and out. She has strong opinions and is good debating. A Lilly is laid back and doesn't like interacting with people too much.
She's reading a book! She so beautiful! She has to be a Lilly!
#beautiful #quiet #shy #nice #lovely.
by Ariana Grier March 14, 2015
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