A very shy-at first, caring,friendly, but crazy girl. She is very beautiful and any guy is lucky to have her. She has many friends who love and care about her.
by T_A August 15, 2013
A Lilly is someone who is shy,nice,smart, beautiful, and fun to hangout with.But she has a problem being friends with boys so she mostly hangs out with other girls. Lilly's have a big heart that will make you like them even more!! Tons of guys are secretly crushing on her, so guys open up to her cause she might like you back. She usually likes guys with blonde hair and green or blue eye. She is an expert at being unnoticed. loves the color black, purple, or green.
She is such a flower! What a Lilly!
by Cookie Monster989 November 30, 2011
A sexy, hot female with a big hot ass and big tits.All Lilly's are known for having big boobs.
Lilly is so hot!
by sexychick689 May 28, 2011
lilly is the prettiest nicest and funniest girl in the world. She has the name of the awesomest person in the world. She is very smart and will succeed at every thing in life. She is beautiful and fantabulous.
"oh lilly is so fly."
by lilk423 October 23, 2013
A Lilly is never going to be dull, Ever
A Lilly is a tall beautiful girl with brown curly hair, and green eyes. She always fills the room with laughter even when everyone is feeling down. You will immediately become friends with a Lilly the minute you meet her. A Lilly is obsessed with guy celebrities, and tumblr guys. Lilly is one of the most caring people i know and she always has a smile on her face. Everyday she is laughing non-stop. If or when you meet a Lilly you will never want to let go.
by hey Lilly February 06, 2014
the most amazing girl in the world. she is blonde blue eyed. she is beautiful and pretty. no one can compare to her. she is like the sun. happy energetic and hyper. she loves chocolate and stuffed animals. her favorite colors are pink green blue and purple. she is just like a lily flower delicate vibrant and crazy. she likes bright colors. The most wonderful girl on earth. She is funny loving, loves to be with friends. :)
" that girl lilly is so beautiful."
" Lilly is the most beautiful name."
" she is so funny"
by lilk423 October 23, 2013
she's the type of girl people try and avoid. she doesn't talk a lot, and most people are shocked to find out that she can. she's generally a nice person, if you take the time to get to know her, but don't piss her off. she'll fuck your shit up.

generally doesn't care about her appearance. dresses mostly in dark colors, and most people assume she's satanic based on her looks, and preferences in music.

she has a very open taste in music, listening to a variety of genres. but, mostly sticking to metal, and death-core.

she's insecure, and doesn't trust many people. so, if you're lucky enough to gain her trust, don't fuck up and lose it.
anonymous person1; shit. i think i pissed lilly off.
anonymous person2; oh, dude. that sucks, she's fucking crazy. she'll probably put a curse on you or something. you know she's into that shit.
by hgwea October 21, 2013

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