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A very beautiful flower, and coincidentaly the favorite flower to the most beautiful women in the world.
Jamie loves lilacs. They smell almost as good as she does
by Matt August 29, 2004
A good person, amazing, beautiful, smart, pretty, and most commonly known and referred to as a Bulldog.
Me: Do you see that Lilac over there?
Bob: Yeah, It's coming at us, run!
by Scoutellite March 21, 2012
generally speaking, a real nancy, polly (prissy pants).
"I will keep dreaming! I will keep dreaming, my friend! And when I wake up, you better hope... you better hope you're asleep! Sweet dreams, lilac!" - Ben Stiller (Mr. Furious) - Mystery Men
by Chris Schulz June 13, 2004
To put shit on a vagina while on her period then eat her out
I want you to lilac me you sick fuck.
by Mr.1200 July 20, 2008
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