Your ontop on the World your the Boss you've stepped your game up and now you libe a Boss lifestyle.
Talk to corporate LikeaBoss!
by elal January 07, 2011
Based on the song "Like A Boss" by Andy Samberg and Lonely Island Boys.

The lyrics are about the responsibility of power or lack thereof. The concept behind the song is loosely based on individuals in contemporary pop culture (i.e. rap stars) who insist they're the most amazing person in the universe but are, in reality, rather ridiculous.

This scenario directly effects the meaning of the phrase. While most would say it signifies an increased level of "awesomeness" in a given situation, the context the phrase was originally used in would suggest the opposite.

The point of it is that you're saying you're awesome using a terminology that's based on making fun of people who say they're awesome. The irony makes it hilarious, especially because the term has run rampant and most people who say it don't realize that they're, in essence, making fun of themselves unknowingly. Double funny.

It can also be used in a sarcastic, summarizing capacity (see example below).

With the irony of it in mind, you can interchange it with longer explanations as I did in a Facebook post once:

By saying, "like a boss" what I'm really saying is, "my very busy and overextended work schedule is contributing to a substantial increase in the amount of alcohol I consume and it's not only pathetic, but also not exemplary of the type of behavior that's indicative of upper management."
Just realized it's 6:12 PM and I was SO busy today that I didn't eat, I still haven't checked my voice mail and I've had to pee for the last 4 hours. Who needs a glass of wine? This girl right here. Like a boss.
by Girl Called Life July 13, 2011
What you say to make things soud cooler/more exiting then it actually is.

originated from the song like a boss, by the lonley island.
yeah, i did my homework. like a boss
by paperchasesme May 09, 2009
like you are in command or really mean somethin
man i fin ta wax that ass. "like a boss"
by Rod pimp c January 27, 2005
1. to really excell at something. to succeed with extreme luck or ease.
2. to run a program with administrator privileges in later versions of windows.
1. terrence played call of duty like a boss when he no scope headshot the opposing team's last guy from a mile away

2.Roy: I can't get this new game to to run on windows 7.
tommy: have you tried running it like a boss?
by masteroffire December 09, 2011
Performed with excellence and authority. This usually refers to dealing with difficult or unusual situations, implying assertiveness and excellence. This term has been used in the Caribbean and in particular Trinidad since at least the 1980s.
To compliment a friend talking his/her way out of a speeding ticket... "Boy, you handled that cop like a boss!"
by primediggydee April 11, 2013
Like a boss is used by many people around you. However, it originates from the song "Like a Boss" by The Lonely Island. Most people use the term before the hear the song, picking it up somewhere from the Internet.

The situations the term is used in are completely random. You attach it at the end of an ordinary, lame, or boring sentence to make it sound cooler. Most people will laugh at it, and you and your friends will continue a spree of "like a boss"-ing until your class ends.

By the way, the examples listed below did actually happen to me.
"Dammit! I fell off that cliff in Combat Arms.... LIKE A BOSS!"

"While I was playing Minecraft, I found a random waterfall + a secret cavern. I walked into the darkness and saw a sign with three words: Liek a BAUWSS. I'm not kidding."

"My friend and I wanted to make a 'like a boss' comic based on the conversation we had earlier today."
by iMoon November 21, 2011

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