A commonly growing species of Attention Whore, Like Whores post Facebook statuses saying things like this;
"Like this if you remember XXX"
"Like if you love your grandma, ignore if you want her to die"
"Like if you love Ice cream, ignore if you want to be raped"
"Like if you love god, ignore if you love Jesus"
"Like if you feel sorry for him/her/them"
Like Whore: Like if you feel sorry for this kid!
Jamin: Yeah, because liking a Facebook picture is going to cure cancer!

Like Whore #2: Like to support them!

Like Whore: Like if you love god, ignore if you love satan
Jamin: Bitch I ain't religious!
by SaviorZealot December 28, 2012
Top Definition
Someone who pretty much begs for attention by posting Facebook statuses that appeal to as many people as possible for the sole purpose for getting a million "Likes."
Frank: Dude, Jamie just set her Facebook status as "Truth is..."

Joe: What a like whore.
by the fleisch October 01, 2010
describes annoying assholes who make Facebook statuses that appeal to as many people as possible so that they can get a ton of 'likes'. Popular mechanisms employed by like whores include:
"to be honest" statuses
"like this status and me and (insert name of second pretentious bitch) will make you a video"
"I hate it when..."
Dude 1: Oh look, it's Sunday night and Jessie doesn't want to go to school tomorrow. Cool fucking story.
Dude 2: What a like whore.
by toocleverforthishit November 06, 2011
Someone who goes to an effort to make a meaningless or obvious Facebook status in an attempt to receive as many likes as possible.
John Smith is such a Like Whore he doesnt even care about the floods hes just in it for the likes
by nickko January 11, 2011
A egotistical person who expects a lot of people to 'like' their Facebook posts, no matter how stupid, or not-well-thought-out they may be
Bogart: Did you see that link I posted on your wall?
Sam: Yeah, what of it?
Bogart: Did you like it?
Sam: Yeah it was okay
Bogart: Well...
Sam: Well what
Bogart: How come you haven't liked it?
Sam: Jeez, you like whore
by cohencock December 01, 2011
when a person on facebook likes
everyone's photos on facebook so in return,
you like their photos giving them a bunch of likes,
giving them the illusion that their popular.
John: yo man brittany's got like 67 likes on her photo

Dave: that's only because she's a like whore , shes not actually all that hot.
by facebookslang November 07, 2010
A person that excessively abuses the "Like" feature on Facebook.
Facebook Status: "I just wrecked my car".
- Like Whore likes this.
by Slunjan May 21, 2009
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