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The superior gaming platform, you get cheaper games, mods, better graphics, free online, ton of indie games, keyboard + mouse, all that good stuff.
Console Fanboy: PC GAMING IS BAD, BAD BAD BAD! I love paying Microsoft to browse the web on my TV, I love all my restrictions!

PC Gamer: Fine, enjoy your console, or should I say dildo?
by SaviorZealot December 27, 2012
A commonly growing species of Attention Whore, Like Whores post Facebook statuses saying things like this;
"Like this if you remember XXX"
"Like if you love your grandma, ignore if you want her to die"
"Like if you love Ice cream, ignore if you want to be raped"
"Like if you love god, ignore if you love Jesus"
"Like if you feel sorry for him/her/them"
Like Whore: Like if you feel sorry for this kid!
Jamin: Yeah, because liking a Facebook picture is going to cure cancer!

Like Whore #2: Like to support them!

Like Whore: Like if you love god, ignore if you love satan
Jamin: Bitch I ain't religious!
by SaviorZealot December 28, 2012
IQ is the scale of intelligence, the stats are here:

Me - Me
Fucking genius - Einstein
Average - Your lesbian neighbour
Retarded - Women
Useless - Cleverbot
Peter Griffin - Your step-dad
Avg CoD player - You
Living Condom Commercial - Your father
Lil Wayne - Your mother
Me: Hey what's your IQ?
Dumbass: What's IQ?
by SaviorZealot December 28, 2012

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