A person that excessively abuses the "Like" feature on Facebook.
Facebook Status: "I just wrecked my car".
- Like Whore likes this.
by Slunjan May 21, 2009
A person who post certain types of photos or posts on facebook just to get likes.
OMG Girlz posted a photo:Like if your name starts with A-Z.(Likewhore)
WeAreTeens posted a photo: Like if you do this <3
I love candy posted: Like this page for a edit <3
Girls run the world posted: Never call a girl ugly even if you're just joking.
by Ermagersh October 06, 2012
Someone who spams your social networking site statuses and posts with 'likes'
Paul you are such a like whore you like everything that i have ever posted.
by jadenator1987 August 01, 2011
when someone likes everything on facebook to get attention. they constantly spam your news feed with all the stupid pages they like. they also like everyone's status to get even more attention.
like whores piss me off
by jobflobadobYob December 02, 2010
An individual who pleas for likes in a Facebook status. Also one who plagiarizes or reposts iFunny comics in an attempt to seem funny or origional. In some cases, excessive use of hashtags are a method of "fishing" for likes.
1. "John Doe has been a Like-Whore lately"

"Yeah his posts seem pretty desperate"
2. "I feel like Mary Example constantly needs the approval of her followers."

"What a Like-Whore"
by Harold Cox December 25, 2012
A person who constantly 'likes' every status you post on facebook
'Why did you like my status? You're such a likewhore'
by pinkchester December 10, 2009
Someone who wants likes on all their Facebook posts and status. Applies to all social media.
Guy1: Hey look at Regina's post
Guy2: What ?
Guy1: It says LMS if you want 1000 friends
Guy2: Wow look all the likes for that stupid post. People are must be desperate liking anything
Guy1: Yeah mindless drones that have nothing to do really
Guy2: What a Like Whore
by Sylavaanas July 14, 2012

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